Global Grant Support


Our Goal

The WASH Rotary Action Group Fund was launched to help Rotarians undertake improved water and sanitation projects through the Rotary Foundation. WASH Rotary Action Group encourages Rotary clubs to undertake water and sanitation projects that are more sustainable and well designed. Promoting water and sanitation projects amongst Rotary clubs and districts is in line with WASH Rotary Action Group’s mission and is why the fund was established.

How We Work

Before submitting a Global Grant project to the Rotary Foundation, Rotary clubs can send their completed application to WASH Rotary Action Group, simply clicking here and completing the application. WASH Rotary Action Group professional service team members (who are also qualified cadre members) with expertise in water, sanitation, and hygiene programs will conduct a review of the project application and provide suggestions about how to improve the quality of the project.

Once the suggestions are considered for the final application, WASH Rotary Action Group will contribute $2000 towards the project. These funds will be donated directly to the Rotary Foundation and earmarked to the specific Global Grant once the project has been approved by the Rotary Foundation.

Who Can Participate

In line with WASH Rotary Action Group’s mission, the WASH Rotary Action Group Fund is open to members of the WASH Rotary Action Group. If you are not a member, you can sign up HERE.

Submit Your Grant

To submit your grant for technical assistance and the funds for your grant:

Be sure to include a PDF file of your grant application and all supporting documents.
WASH Rotary Action Group will be in touch to complete the review.

Professional Services Team

Monica Louie, Chair

Cadre of Technical Advisors

Richard ‘Big Rich’ Churchman
Technical Officer / Cadre

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Cadre


Our Professional Resource Team manages this program. They review and assign the grant to a member of the Cadre Technical Advisors for further review.

The Cadre member reviews the grants for completeness and that it is following all the elements as outlined by Rotary and their Global Grant requirements.

If you make the necessary suggestions as outlined by us and the cadre, the WASH FUND will contribute $2000 towards your grant.


How to apply for a Global Grant Review and Receive US$2000 Dollars for your Project!


  1. All Global Grants to be reviewed must be submitted using the following link:
  2. Our team of experts will review your GG and send back questions/comments, if any.  Please respond to each question (highlighted in yellow) and include the page number in the Global Grant where it is addressed.  On the GG any additions that are made, please turn on track changes.  Please keep in mind, the easier it is for us to review that the comments were addressed, the faster the review process.
  3. If all the points have been addressed, you will receive directions on how to include the WASH Rotary Action Group DAF number on your GG.
  4. You can then update your GG with the DAF number and remove the yellow highlighting and add the necessary information.
    • If you do not receive the document with our DAF number, or it is not correctly updated on your grant, you will not receive the funding.
  5. Please send back the final copy of the GG.
    • We need a final copy of the GG with the DAF number in order to confirm the payment!