May 9, 2023
A very generous donor has offered funding for “Software” for WinHCF projects. “Software” means those activities that support sustainability – such as training, capacity building, behavioural change, monitoring and evaluation. 
IT WILL NOT fund “hardware” (e.g. infrastructure, drilling boreholes, building latrines, etc.).
A donation of up to US$5000 is available to match the funding for software included in a Global Grant application.
The Background
A 2022 report from the World Health Organization and UNICEF stated that:
·      850 million people use health care facilities with no water.
·     780 million people use hospitals and clinics with no toilets or latrines.
·     A quarter of all health care facilities have no basic water service.
·     1 in 3 health care facilities lack hand-washing facilities at critical points of care—such as the delivery room or surgery – depriving as many as 3.85 billion people of basic hygiene service.

The consequences are staggering:
·      One in ten patients develop infections in hospital, leading to severe illness or death.
·      300,000+ maternal deaths a year result from infections acquired in a healthcare facility
·      As many as 600,000 infants die each year from infections that could be prevented by the simple use of soap and water.
The World Health Assembly has called for action:

Every health care facility (HCF) to have WASH services by 2030.
1.1 million women from 114 countries were surveyed on healthcare. 
Water and Sanitation rated second only to respectful care.  They want clean toilets. They want soap and water to wash themselves and their babies after birth.
As People of Action, Rotary members are the heart of our communities. We can lead the way to sustainable safe water, sanitation and hygiene in healthcare facilities. 

This is the purpose of this support.

Please contact for information and details.